About OKG

Who is One Krafty Gal?

I'm Andrea Kraft, the quirky one-woman-show that is One Krafty Gal. I am a 30 year old Southern Gal who is striving to thrive, not just survive this crazy life. I know that when I look good and feel comfortable, I can live life more intentionally. I want to help hard working, multi-tasking women like you find easy, affordable ways to feel put together without breaking the bank. I'm also about being real AND having a laugh! You are welcome here, sister. 

Why this?

My first job ever was at a little boutique in my hometown. I fell in love with that place and the connections that women- between coworkers AND customers- made there, not to mention all of the beautiful things! I continued to work at other boutique and clothing stores throughout college. I originally majored in Entrepreneurship, but eventually found myself in a new major, Organizational Communication. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in ORCO in December 2012. I married Alex that following June, and we moved around on adventures between TN and FL from 2013 to Summer 2017.

A little about my Krafty Clan

One Krafty Gal is owned and ran by yours truly. My sweetheart, Alex and I met in college and have been married for a little over seven years. We have a sweet and fiery little girl, Lexi Rose, who loves the water, puppies, shoes and the color purple. Lexi has a handsome little brother, Will, who lives in heaven. We miss him every day. We recently brought home a new Golden Retriever puppy, Dug (yes, from 'UP' because we are Disney freaks). He's the perfect addition to our crazy bunch!

Together, Alex and I own and operate a manufacturing company just outside of Nashville, TN. When we're not working or in a global pandemic we're usually at the water. We love kayaking the river, going to the beach, the pool, the lake, all of it.

How and when did One Krafty Gal become a thing?

Funny, I actually started One Krafty Gal as more of a seasonal 'krafting' business in early 2017 during our infertility journey as a distraction. I wish my story got more lighthearted from there, but it's doesn't. *Remember me mentioning that I'm about 'being real?' Here goes. 

*Takes Deep Breath* The past few years have been collectively tough for my family. It took us two and half years to get pregnant. And then, my husband, Alex was diagnosed with Stage III Testicular Cancer in late June of 2017, right when I turned 20 weeks pregnant with our little miracle, now spunky toddler, Lexi. He finished four intense rounds of chemotherapy and went into remission two weeks before she was born. 

Two moves and a business later, we decided to adopt. Two days after we signed the contract with our adoption agency, I found out I was pregnant. In March of 2020, we had to shut the doors to our manufacturing company for what ended up being about four months. In April of 2020, the literal year from hell, we lost our precious Will to a tight knot in his umbilical cord at full term. It is and hopefully will be the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I can not explain to you the heart break that comes with that type of loss. I have a special kind of respect for others that have gone through similar situations.

We will continue to grieve our perfect baby boy for the rest of our lives, but after awhile of being at my absolute lowest, I realized I had to make a decision. I could either let this intense and building series of unfortunate events defeat me, staying down forever; or, I could force myself to get up, keep swinging, and not give up the fight. I could do something to empower myself and maybe other women, too, because we all have our own unique battles. And so, my friends, I reopened, revamped, and rebranded. In early July 2020 I opened my online store, One Krafty Gal.

My Brand

I hope that I can use this wonderful store that has become my new obsession to help other women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin and in every day life. That you Stay At Home Moms (YES, it's capitalized, because IT'S A FREAKING FULL TIME JOB) feel even just a little put together when you put on that fun OKG graphic tee and soft Butter Leggings after getting spit up on, AGAIN. That OKG's clothing makes working ladies feel comfortable AND put together for your long days out. And do all of this without breaking the bank. Because damnit, we work hard and we deserve to feel good about the way we present ourselves without spending a fortune to do it. Life is hard enough-- let's do it in pretty, comfortable, and affordable clothing and accessories. 

Thank you for building my brand with me! I hope you love it here. :)